Ding Dong Dinner's Here: A pro/con list on food delivery options - Happy Healthy Rested
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Ding Dong Dinner’s Here: A pro/con list on food delivery options

Ding Dong Dinner’s Here: A pro/con list on food delivery options

Sick of trying to figure out what’s for dinner.  Too tired after work to go to the grocery store? Lucky for you food delivery services are the rage, it seems.


Here is what I like about them:


-New ingredients

-Recipes you would not typically try

-Everything is already measured

-Little mess

-Left overs

-It is economical


-You get to keep the recipes and go to the store and buy it on your own if you want

Here’s what I don’t like about them:

-Lots of packaging

-Some of the recipe doesn’t use the whole vegetable (for example) which might lead to food waste

-Unless you specifically sign up for an organic food delivery, your food is presumably not organic (e.g. Hello Fresh and Blue Apron)

-Not the most environmentally friendly option out there

Hmmm…maybe my pros outweighed my cons.

Here is a list of a few of them if you’d like to get started:








What makes sense for you and your family?