My top 5 tips for holiday parties without sabotaging your diet - Happy Healthy Rested
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My top 5 tips for holiday parties without sabotaging your diet

My top 5 tips for holiday parties without sabotaging your diet

#5           Start with the colorful stuff first.  Go straight for the veggie tray.  You know it’ll be there.  A beautiful array of orange, red, green, and yellows in a big circle.  Grab those colorful bits and fill up your tiny plate.  Do that twice if you need to.  Here’s the catch.  Don’t put that white stuff over it!  A beautiful rainbow should not be shadowed by the highly caloric and fat filled ranch dressing.  Try hummus instead.

#4           Step away from the food table.  Once you get your plate filled up walk to the farthest spot available away from the food.  Even if you get caught in a conversation while next to the table, ask your friend to take a few steps away with you away from the table.  This will prevent you from noticing what else you might have missed and seamlessly plopping that down on your plate.  If you’re far enough away, by the time you finish and make a point to walk back to the table, you may lose your desire for more food.

#3           Take the small plate.  Studies show that when you fill up a small plate with food you will consume fewer calories than if you fill up a large plate.  We are trained to want to finish everything on our plates and you might mindless eat the remaining food even if you’re no longer hungry.

#2           Egg Nog!! Oh, it’s so festive… and look it has a cool ladle to scoop it out.  I feel like Santa Claus! Egg Not.  First, do you know how much fat is in egg nog? A lot. Plus, if it has alcohol in it, the alcohol will reduce your inhibitions so you’ll be more likely to go for another cup.  Stick to your light beer or wine.

#1           Be mindful.  Eating at holiday parties is all about the eat and chat.  But, when you’re mindlessly putting food in your mouth, you’re not giving your brain a chance to send the signals that say “I’m full.” Hey, you might find that listening to your stomach is actually more interesting than listening to that  annoying office mate!  When you get your food, try to find a quiet space and eat slowly.