Having trouble fitting into your skinny genes? - Happy Healthy Rested
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Having trouble fitting into your skinny genes?

Having trouble fitting into your skinny genes?

Having trouble with losing that last 5-10 pounds?  It may be the fault of your genes.    A recent study suggests that we may be predisposed to selecting certain foods or eating patterns based on genes passed down to us by our ancestors.   Hhmmm…I personally have never turned down any form of potato.  Thanks Irish.  It is also thought that certain foods might be better for certain people with specific gene profiles and that this will eventually develop into more personalized nutrition.   In addition, some believe blood type affects the digestive system, the way we exercise, and our susceptibility to various diseases.   Below, I list the blood types, the typical diet profile and foods to avoid or increase if you’re trying to lose weight:

BLOOD TYPE A. Diet Profile- Classic vegan/vegetarian-Vegetables, Tofu, Seafood, Grains, Beans, Legumes, Fruit

Reduce: Meat, Dairy, Kidney beans, Lima beans, Wheat.   Increase: Vegetable oil, Soy foods, Vegetables, Pineapple

BLOOD TYPE AB. Diet profile- Mixed diet in moderation-Meat, Seafood, Dairy, Tofu, Beans, Legumes, Grains, Vegetables, Fruit

Reduce: Red meat, Kidney beans, Lima beans, Seeds, Corn, Buckwheat.  Increase: Tofu,  Seafood, Good quality dairy, Greens,  Kelp, Pineapple

BLOOD TYPE B. Diet Profile-Omnivore:  Meat (no chicken), Dairy, Grains, Beans, Legumes, Vegetables, Fruit.

Reduce: Corn, Lentils,  Peanuts, Sesame seeds, Buckwheat, Wheat. Increase: Greens, Eggs, Venison, Liver, Licorice tea

BLOOD TYPE O. Diet Profile- Red meat, Strong enzymes to digest meat, High protein, Vegetables,  Fruit

Reduce: Wheat/Corn, Baked goods, Kidney beans, Lentils, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, Mustard.  Increase: Kelp, Seafood, Salt, Liver/Red, meat, Kale, Broccoli, Pineapple

Begs the question, why do we think one diet works for everyone?™

Adapted from Peter D’Adamo’s Eat Right for Your Type: The Individualized Diet Solution to Staying Healthy, Living Longer & Achieving Your Ideal Weight