Work with a Certified Health Coach - Happy Healthy Rested
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Work with Me

The Happy Healthy Rested Approach

“How can you help me get happy, healthy, and rested?”

Our world is saturated with information and overstimulation 24/7 today. You might be using an app on your phone or wearing a device on your wrist right now that is telling you how you are sleeping or measuring how many steps you are taking. You may have read many articles and books on getting your best night’s sleep, or what the best way to relax as a busy professional. But let me ask you something, are these helping?

My goal is to introduce you to an integrated approach to health and wellness.  I’m curious how all the areas of your life are connected. For example, do you feel overwhelmed? Pulled in a million directions? Does insomnia or lack of sleep prevent you from achieving your goals? As we work together, we will look at how all parts of your life affect your health as a whole.

You’ll develop a deeper understanding of how to manage your sleep and how to make better lifestyle choices that work best for you. This understanding will help you implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, sleep, and health.


I’ve now been getting consistently 6-8 hours of sleep/night for the past month. This is incredible, because before I started working with Deirdre, I had several nights in a row where I was getting 0-3 hours of sleep...I had a physical feeling of dread every time I went into my bed, and Ambien was losing its effect. I was taking 2.5 mg and suddenly I was requiring 5 mg, and even that wasn’t a sure-bet to put me to sleep. I would describe my coach as:
Expert, open, flexible, magician with a magic wand. -Melissa P.

Insomnia is no longer a controlling factor in my life. For my part, when I would go through a bout of severe insomnia, the insomnia itself would become an all-consuming obsession, e.g. “what’s wrong with me? When will this ever end?” Working with my coach gave me tools to control my reaction to both common insomnia “triggers” as well as the insomnia itself, to where I no longer experience these “anxiety spirals” should I encounter a night or two of bad/no sleep.
I would describe my coach as extremely accessible and compassionate, with a deep well of knowledge on sleep disorders and their treatment. I would recommend my coach to literally ANYONE that is experiencing insomnia or sleep disturbances of any kind. -Dwane L

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I no longer feel ruled by my depression and anxiety. For the first time I have confidence in myself and my abilities. I have never enjoyed life the way I am today—enjoying each moment—thanks to Deirdre’s help.
– Amy H.